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Whiplash is a very common injury that affects the neck and mid-back (at the middle of the spinal cord) and is caused by sudden movement to the neck. When the neck suddenly snaps forward and then back, it may stretch or tear the ligament that holds the neck in place on top of the spine; this may result in a whiplash injury. Pursuing whiplash settlement cases in the civil courts can best be done with the help of personal injury lawyers to ensure the maximum amount is awarded to the injured person.

Damages are often awarded in whiplash settlement cases based on the severity of the injury, how long it takes to heal, medical expenses incurred, and on similar cases (also known as precedents) that have been awarded by the courts. Ages of the injured individuals, how long they will have to live with the injury, as well as the effect whiplash has on their enjoyment of life are also determining factors. The more severe the injury and longer the anticipated rehabilitation will allow the courts to award a larger whiplash settlement to the victim.

It may take as little as 6 months for simple injury cases to over a year for more complex injuries for a whiplash settlement to be awarded. Damages will often also include recovery expenses and any income that may have been lost because of the whiplash injury. Legal and court fees may also be awarded, as the victim would not have these legal fees if the injury had not occurred. Having the right lawyers handle whiplash settlement cases can make all the difference in whether a case will be settled in favor of the victim and in ensuring that the maximum allowed amount will be awarded by the civil courts.

Should you be interested in selling your whiplash settlement, there are a number of professional companies that can purchase your settlement for a lump sum cash payment. Going with the larger companies like Peachtree and JG Wentworth typically won’t give you as good of a deal as going with smaller competitors who not only pay more for your settlement but also don’t charge legal and other fees like the big names.

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