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Christian counseling is the marriage of Christian values with current therapeutic techniques. That is not to say that other counselors cannot share the same values, but that Christian counselors are specifically versed in the teachings of the Bible and how they can be used along with our current understanding of the human psyche and how it functions in order to help those in need. Those who pursue help through counseling can rest assured that all the techniques of a properly licensed Christian counselor are Biblically based and rooted in the word of the Lord, while still giving respect to modern ideas of human behavior, development and conflict resolution.

Counselors of Christian counseling may be Ministers, but they may also be doctors, lawyers, therapists or teachers. Anyone who has a desire to provide faith-based support and is willing to take on the education and training necessary to provide that support in a modern counseling environment can become a Christian counselor and can be very effective as a counselor. If you are not entirely comfortable with the first Christian counselor that you meet with, he or she should have no problem connecting you with another counselor with whom you might be more comfortable.

Christian counselors are specially trained to counsel along the ideas of Biblically based human behavior and problem-solving. A qualified counselor is highly educated, with at least a college degree and often much higher education, and trained to help with a wide variety of problems that an individual may face. Christian counselors may even have special certification in areas such as domestic abuse, marriage and family counseling and counseling with children.  Affordable Maryland bankruptcy lawyers, see them.

Whether you or a loved one is need of Counseling for depression or anxiety, experiencing on-going marital problems, or have concerns over your children, Christian counseling will be able to help. The goal of such counseling is not overcoming pain as is true of most secular counseling. This type of counseling is the process in which a professional counselor uses the tools of the mental health profession, the truths of the Bible, and the wisdom of life experience to help those in need. Biblical counseling is founded on the belief in a relationship with God and with each other and can help you find godly answers in a fast-paced, ungodly world. It is dedicated to providing professional counseling services that integrate mind, body, and spirit, and bring people to relational wholeness with God, self, and others.

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